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I created Convictions of the Heart Foundation as a steppingstone to help humanity become aware of their health and the beautiful environment around them. My mission will be to create awareness among you and your families so we can all transform our power of knowledge through educating others. Let’s all be part of a generation that wipes out environmental destruction, poverty, and emotional distress. Convictions of the Heart Foundation embraces happiness, health, clean water, food, and air for all.
Founder, CEO
Helena Rey

Welcome to Convictions.
Convictions of the Heart Foundation is a nonprofit organization serving you and the planet unlike any other. One of our missions is to inform you and your family how to protect yourself from the toxins in our air, water, and food with alternative options. :)

Convictions of the Heart Foundation was founded to serve humanity. Your health, happiness, and quality of life are important to us. We need to be important to you so we can meet our goals. Please support our cause.

“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great…….You can be that generation”.

Nelson Mandela 2005


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